Saurabh || Projects

Contributions made to some open source project, detailed commits are as follows:

  • Scikit-Learn : Update note on Input Data in clustring docs fbe85eb
  • Scikit-Learn : Minor fix in RandomizedLasso API docs 4022c68
  • Scikit-Learn : Update url of ARD reference 1487047
  • Scikit-Learn : Add warning, new images and links in MLP docs 9df8a1a
  • Scikit-Learn : Add user guide link to lda 79c7583
  • Scikit-Learn : Add MLP to whats new bab2233
  • Scikit-Learn : Fix face recognition example f38aea4
  • Nexedi/Slapos : [NEO] Complete review of instanciation without backward compatibility 61929809
  • Nexedi/Slapos : [NEO] Make it possible to choose TokuDB engine 12cc2b283
  • Nexedi/Slapos : [ERP5] Fix sla-dict instanciation parameter, and default to same computer ef1359e6
  • Nexedi/Slapos : [NEO] New sla-dict instanciation parameter, working like for ERP5 5962ca5c
  • Nexedi/Slapos : [NEO] Added json schema 798a6bba
  • Nexedi/Slapos : Start new NEO cluster automatically c475889a
  • Nexedi/Slapos : Published parameters as simple storage for generated passwords and NEO cluster name 836309f4